March 23, 2020

Dropping the price for the Scintillant Squares digital edition to "pay what you want"

I'm worried. I'm worried about all the people who will get sick with COVID-19 (as well as the people who already are sick, and the people who've already lost loved ones). I'm worried about the effects that our efforts to reduce the spread of this virus (#socialdistancing #flattenthecurve) will have on everyone in terms or our mental, physical, and financial health. 

I'm also lucky, though. My day-job is one that can be done from home, so I'm not facing a personal financial crisis so far. I'm also stressed, and still working full time at said day job, so my thoughts of putting together new designs as freebies are so far just thoughts. But what I can do is drop the price of the digital edition of Scintillant Squares. That way anyone who finds coloring a good way to de-stress has one more resource at their fingertips. 

As of today, the price on Gumroad is "pay what you want" with a minimum price of $0. If you're also weathering this storm ok, I appreciate any payment you feel is appropriate. If you're struggling or expect to struggle, though, please go ahead and "purchase" the digital edition for $0. We're all in this together.


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